Kerry Klimm + this is my story. 

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES: I grew up second-hand shopping in Gimuy (Yirrganydji nation) with my mum and aunty in the 70s and 80s.  We would spend hours bargain hunting for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I would then style my pieces into unique outfits. 

CAREER WOMAN: I am a journalist and communications specialist with 25years experience in television, radio, print and multi-media.  I amplify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, to tell our stories, our way. 

SOVEREIGN WOMAN:  I am a sovereign woman, possessing supreme or ultimate power over myself as an Aboriginal woman. 

WORDSMITH: I love the power of words + phrases. that speak about my sovereignty as a blak woman, an Aboriginal person, culture, history, family + connections. Blak humour. Witty, political, biting. The words + phrases in my design are common to where I live in Meeanjin + where I grew up in Gimuy. Every mob has words + phrases unique to them. They are identifiers to who we are, where we are from + live. They continue to adapt, shift + elevate our voice, enabling us to express ourselves in creative + powerful ways. These phrases connect me to other Bama's, Bunji's, Murris + blakfellas from around the country.  

SAVE THE PLANET: I'm passionate about reducing clothing waste.  All my clothing and homewares are sourced from second-hand shops, or donated from family and friends. So while I might replicate words + phrases, each item will always be unique.

I walk this brutally colonised country


for those who fought for me

and those I am fighting for


not JUST so you can better understand my perspective

BUT So that you alter YOUR behaviour

So I can walk safe, free, unceded

as a





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