FLASH. adjective. style

BLAK. noun. First Nations' (Gugu Yalanji, Koko Lama Lama)

FLASHBLAK. Kerry Klimm, NQ Murri. Wordsmith. Stylish. Creative.

Upcycled, recycled clothing, homewares, jewellery that speak of blak sovereignty, land rights, politics, language, humour + more. Each piece one-of-a-kind. quirky. fun. serious. bold.

"I love how words + phrases transcend + transport.  

Sovereignty. Culture. History. Family. Connections.

Blak Humour. Witty, political, biting.

Amplifying in creative + powerful ways." kk

Flashblak Mob: Gugu Yalanji, Koko Lama Lama 
"Aunty, nana, mum.
You taught me to
Stand tall.
Speak up.
Talk truth.
Be a sovereign blak woman."
Kerry Klimm

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